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Share how you are using Fancy Product Designer in your website

Hello community,

show your usage of Fancy Product Designer in your website to other users. There are many users who want to see real usage of Fancy Product Designer....so here you can share the link to your website and maybe make some extra sales ;)

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We use the FPD to make pinback buttons. Love the plugin, but still need some more features. https://www.dailybuttons.de

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Hello - here's my site using fpd and mspc. Grateful for any feedback. https://prynty.co.uk/customiseable-art-prints/subtle/

I use it to design towels: www.designyourtowel.com (still work in progress at the moment)

Thats an amazing interface. How dod you do that?

This website uses our plugin but made some customizations. Choosing the font like this is currently not possible. If this is a feature you need you can hire us via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request

Thank you! I made changes to the js and css. It’s quite a bit of modification but I’m particularly happy with the mobile layout.

:(. I wish that I was a css and js talent. I wish the plugin looked like the interface you created. 

Are you willing to share your modification in exchange for some money?

Annamalai Veerappan - Your set up look the best. I like the UX of the designing process. Looks like you have spent a lot of time and effort in making the website with all the contents. So many SKU's !

Wishing you the best of luck!

I'm a senior level programmer with 22+ years experience.

A couple years ago I took a crack at writing a "HTML5 Ad Editor"  that I use on a website to sell ad space. While it worked, it was clunky and I was never really happy with it...and never got back to fix it.

I'm finally redoing my site and ran across this wonderful jquery plugin a few weeks ago...and literally am throwing the old one out!

In a very short time I was able to do some "light" customization to tweak to my needs.

Added Bootstrap wrapper

Added Cropped Image Output

Added Save/Load via Ajax to/from Sql Server 2017

Added Custom Toolbar Link Button

Very Happy with the outcome. When the site is live if anyone is interested I can post a link here to try it out yourselves.


Doesn’t look like I’m allowed to add my email here but checkout the Facebook group for FPD, I’ve posted there

Hi Costea Andrea Mihai, How did you get the left,right,top and bottom image resize arrows? 

Your site works so well Deniz! 

The item customisation in the cart is great, so easy to understand. Did you have to do any custom css to get the gravity forms to work with the fancy product designer? And did you build the production back end from scratch? Or are there plugins available for this...

Side note, the current version of FPD plus doesn't display each individual personalisation in the cart. It does show all the customised colours/logos etc, but if the user has added more than one size/name or number to a product it does not show in the cart, a little confusing for the user. I'm going to put in a feature request for this.

My site is currently under construction, but will post a link here when its done.


Hello Annamalai,

I hope you are still working on your 3D mug project. How did you manage that your graphic on the cup has a reflective surface ???
Can you give me tips on how and with what I can get the same result?

Thanks in advance!




Have been selling personalised wine for a few years now at https://www.thewinepoint.com.au/. Love the idea of the 3D preview. Any idea how I can do this?

I used Woocommerce Gravity Forms add-on plugin with no custom css. The back end was done from scratch. I want to get to as close to 100% automation as possible. The back end drives everything(minus the cut and sew) from the dying process to the final product packaging and shipping labels. If I had the plus plugin I think much of the Gravity forms custom coding would be eliminated. I don't have it so I can't tout it benefits.

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