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Remove Customization Button on Blank Item and Integrate Logic of Color Palette Limitations


I am looking to do some custom features, and I was seeing if anyone had any luck in doing this. 

1) Remove customize button on "Blank" printing type. I am trying to remove the customization button when a customer chooses to purchase the blank version of the product. 

 a) Customer Lands on the product page and wants to purchase the item blank without any customization since other product variations on this page require customization when the customer select "Blank" and then the product type the customization button appears.



Since the product does not need customization, the button would just say "Add to Cart".

2) If custom selects to "Laser Engrave" an item depending on the item the colors allowed to use for text, plus any images/graphics uploaded would change to the necessary color for that types of laser engraving on that type of product. 

  a) The customer decides to laser engrave the Bucksin Product (in the back end the system identifies if Leatherette Color equal to Buckskin and Printing Type equal to Laser engrave, color palette would be limited to black with all upload items changed to black. 

   -If the customer decides to select the Black Product, all colors would be shifted to silver

    (each product type would have its own color limitations when it comes to laser engraving) 

Has anything like this been done?



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