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Add Replace functionality to Upload Zones

Because we can only have one bounding box for each view for custom added elements, I need several views to create my finished finished product.

It would be really nice to allow replace across all views to work with upload zones as well. This way a customer can switch between views, add the content to each bounded area, and still get to see the (in my case) background upload zone across views.

In my case, there is only a single design being printed on one side of one sheet. The design has perforated areas which can be torn from the sheet. I want to restrict where the customer can place their text in each of these areas, but for them to share a common background (upload zone). To achieve this, I would like to have the replace functionality extended to the upload zone type, and then each view could share the common element.

Additionally, with this workflow, I believe it will allow me to make each view have almost all the same elements upon export, thus providing the customer with a realistic view showing their design, and reducing my time merging each view together to create a final product.

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