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Add a Text Entry Tab

I suggest we add Text Tabs

MSPC has a tab for each option, but when it comes to text the user has to click on the text object to add/edit the text. Most savvy users would instinctively know to do this, but for average users it may not be the first thing they think of. Since they've used the Tabs to add/modify the product, they may be expecting the same approach to adding/modifying the text. Plus on a mobile device, the current text functionality can be cumbersome.

Frank O

Since V1.1.4 you can use any FPD module in a specific tab, also the text layers module. Defining custom text fields without FPD is not possible.

Thanks Radykal. This is a much appreciated feature that will make the MSPC on our new site work beautifully.

Frank Olivio

hey try to implement the FPD Module in another tab or in another browser, this thing will definitely help you

Can you show a screenshot of how to set up this feature?

Thanks so much


Any steps/tutorial, to add module in the tab?

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