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Bulk generate print-ready artwork and store in cPanel/hosting, allowing bulk order processing.

So we deal with a lot of artwork from customers every day and we prefer to handle our orders using exportable CSV files.

I'd like to see an addition to the software that allows you to define your print-ready artwork file type (PNG, JPG, etc), an export location (in cPanel) and the customers artwork file name stored in the an attribute within the order details.

So when a purchase is made, the print-ready artwork auto generates in your desired output destination as the file type you pre-set with a unique image name that you can then reference to your orders.

This would allow companies like ours to bulk download artwork via an FTP, bulk download a CSV with our orders that are ready to process and automatically pair these (using the artwork name that is with the order details) and then send these off to our production line or give you the ability to quickly send your orders to a 3rd part fulfilment site.

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