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Include Trash option in the Toolbar

Nowadays online stores main customers come from mobile.

As we know, mobile screens lack space to present products. FPD does a great job regardless.

Having said this, most FPD users, in moile, use the maximum canvas size to present the product in a viewable way.

In my case, i let my customers upload their photos onto my frame. My FPD canvas tries to showcase the frame using the most space possible.

Right now, at times when customers upload landscape photos, the trash bin, which appears on the edges of the uploaded photo is placed outside the canvas and he has to move the photo so he can find the trash bin and finally delete and replace the image.

A simple solution is to include the trash bin in the toolbar that appears when you click on the photo area. There are a lot of actions that appear and one really missing is the trash.

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I second that. I really wish that I could also add custom instructions on the UI composer.

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