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How to make the wcbv understand that different sizes make a single order?

Hi Mr Radikal

I want to implement the wcbv plugin on my website, and I have two questions:

I have a minimum purchase of 25 units. The customer can buy different sizes (S, M, L, etc.) to complete the 25 t-shirts:

1. How to make the wcbv understand that different sizes make a single order?

The problem is that the wcbv takes each quantity of sizes as separate orders and asks that each size meet the minimum of 25 shirts.


2. Is it possible to simplify the product presentation in cart when it is the same product, instead of displaying one size for each row, to display something more general?


I will look forward for your response

Thank you

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Hi! you must buy PLUS ADDON. 

hii, marco have you added those quantities manually or is it by minimum order quantity option, i am not able to setup minimum purchase quantity for my products using bulk variations plugin, any solution

To help the WCBV (assuming you're referring to a business or organization) understand that different sizes make a single order, you could follow these steps:

1. Clarify the concept: Start by clearly explaining the concept of ordering different sizes within a single order. Emphasize that it's common for customers to request various sizes of the same product within one order, especially in industries such as apparel, food and beverage, or manufacturing.

2. Provide examples: Give specific examples of situations where this occurs. For instance, in a clothing store, a customer might order multiple shirts in different sizes for themselves and their family members. In a restaurant, a group might order pizzas of different sizes to accommodate varying appetites.

3. Highlight benefits: Explain the advantages of allowing customers to order different sizes within one order. This might include convenience for customers, increased sales opportunities, and better customer satisfaction.

4. Address concerns: Anticipate any concerns the WCBV might have, such as inventory management or packaging logistics. Offer solutions to these concerns, such as implementing a robust inventory tracking system or utilizing flexible packaging options.

5. Provide guidance: Offer guidance on how to properly process orders with different sizes. This might include specific instructions for staff members on how to handle such orders efficiently and accurately.

6. Request feedback: Encourage the WCBV to provide feedback or ask questions if they're unsure about anything. Offer to provide additional information or assistance as needed to ensure they feel confident in implementing this practice.

Overall, clear communication, examples, and addressing any concerns will help the WCBV understand and embrace the concept of different sizes within a single order.

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