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set background color of different dynamic design modules


I am using Dynamic Design Modules to create groupings of differently colored designs.

I have a Dynamic Design Module for "Silver Designs", "Black Designs", "White Designs" and other colors.

A white background works perfectly for most of the designs, and the designs are visible.

However, the "White Designs" can't be seen on a white background at all, and the "Silver Designs" are a little hard to see on a white background. If I change all of the backgrounds to use the dark color, then my "Black Designs" would be impossible to see

Is there css that I can use to target the background of specific Dynamic Design Modules?

I would prefer to not have to create a separate thumbnail image of each color type for each and every design, when I could tackle the whole problem in one step by just changing the background color of problematic Dynamic Design Modules (without affecting ALL Dynamic Design Modules).

Thank you for your help!

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