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Move Layer Up or Down Button

 Hi There,

Thanks for a great plugin!

Think it would be cool to have a move layer up & down button maybe next to the undo & redo buttons :-)

Will just make a bit easier for in stead of opening the "manage layer" window everytime.

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Agree this is a must.

Yes, that would be important!

YES! This would be great.

This used to be there before v 2.0.  There were icons in the sidebar to move layers up and down.  Now you have to drag and drop rows in the context menu under Edit Layers.

The nice new thing they did add is the ability to flip elements horizontally and vertically. They put icons for this in the context window, but I don't understand why they removed the icons to shift layers up and down in the stack. 

I agree.  This feature would save everybody a lot of time and confusion.

Congratulations, all the changes were great, but this item was to be desired. I prefer as it was in previous versions, when the customer was free to choose when a layer could be in front or behind a another layer, please go back to that function and buttons, it is very important for graphical print jobs. I'm still not using the new version of the plugin, just for this change.

I await your return.

This feature has been added in version 2.1.0.

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