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3D Objects for variable products

It would be great if the plugin could switch 3D models on variable products.

Right now if you set various 3D models and select an option in frontend, works fine; the problem comes when you want to switch to a different option/variable, cause the first one selected, would stay fixed on the designer; unless you refresh the site and select the second variable you wanted, wich wouldn't be a major issue, but not the way it should be.

Please watch the video attached, because this could be a little bit difficult to explain with screenshots.

Hopefully more users of 3D products agree with me so this can be fixed. Thanks in advance


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Hi, I have a similar problem with classic variations. When I refresh page selected variations is the same but fpd product assigned to this variations is not shown. There are default fpd product assignet to paren product not to right variations. I think that more people have problems with variable product!

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