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Better PDF support

Better PDF creation would be a great addition to this plugin.

If it is to be taken seriously by the print industry, then the PDFs that are exported really need to have fonts embedded.

The whole point of an online designer is that it saves the Printer/Webstore owner time. If they have to recreate a product from scratch to send to print then its not really saving time.

Not a criticism, just my view as to where the plugin is lacking.

Overall a very, very good piece of software.

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Yep, when i make pdf export, text exporting as image, In that way pdf is useless. Value of pdf is that all text export as curves, or even more: edible text with fonts). When i choose svg it export blank pdf
Big plus one for this. I've had the plugin for a while but only just really started working with it. From the look of it, I will have to download all of the elements and re-build the product myself in photoshop before sending to print. Would be much easier if the pdf's were better.


I fourth this! :) The UI is really fantastic on this plugin and I love it, but I can't use it for what I need to at the moment until it get's more up to par with print industry standards. 

+1, when I read that it has a pdf export option I thought that it would be a vector editable pdf (like with other designer tools). Rendering the design to image and embedding to pdf defeats the purpose of pdf, and results in low quality artwork.

It would be great to have this added to an otherwise excellent product

Am jumping on the band wagon on this one +1. It would be a great bonus. At the moment I just over scale the final design when exporting just so text is nice & crisp but it would be excellent to carry the text in pdf as you all have said.


I would like to improve it for the next bigger update. Therefore I need your help what kind of features you need to export and print for your purpose? How does a a print-ready PDF look like?

I didn't realise I could attach files here, so I opened ticket 1501 with some examples of cmyk pdfs. sorry :)

Just one thing to add to this, it would be cool if there was an option to export the text in the pdf as standard editable text and not just outlines

Great to be able to give feedback... I'm no printing expert but my print supplier prefers pdf files to be submitted using the PDF/X-4:2008 profile. I think the main thing is having the fonts embedded and layered files. I will be using the plugin to sell invitations, my print supplier is able to offer personalization with guest name (i.e. if I was ordering 50, each of the 50 would be printed with a different "to" name), in order to do this I need to have the fonts embedded in the pdf (as well as sending them a csv with the names) so for now I am unable to offer this feature without going into photoshop and re-building the product each time it is submitted.

Hopefully some of your more experienced users can help with the finer details...I have attached a layered file with fonts embedded for reference (this is a design I'll be transferring to FPD).



#Rafael - For me, a text editable PDF, not merged as everyone mentions above. Retain the editable feature of the text only. :) would be excellent.
First things first! The most important is eddible text (embedded fonts in pdf) and all elements goes as separate layers.


There is pdf thats you asking for.


is there any news regarding this feature? Because in the demo the export to PDF doesnt embed the fonts and is now useless for print.


True, we are using the plugin since a few years and while it has come a long way, the export is still something that needs improvement...

As a rubber stamp maker the ability to import vectors from pdf is a mandatory feature, as the pdf can then be imported to CorelDraw without the need to completely redo the stamp design.

I've reached a point where I must find software that can do this to remain competitive - it is too expensive to design everything by hand.