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Two Steps where there were one

Great work so far, I'm thrilled at how well this is coming along.  Can't wait to launch next month.

In two places, there are now two steps rather than one, for the "simple" or "default" user.

This is vital to the website being developed now.

One - after uploading an image to the image palette, the new  image is not automatically loaded onto the builder platen, instead it is added only to the palette, requiring a second click to place it on the product.  This extra step is likely to confuse "simple"product users.

Two - same issue, when the designs categories load into the palette, the first one does not default to "open" but instead, to a list of available categories. In the case of "simple" this may seem confusing.

Is there any way to control this for myself with a little jQuery, or is there a way to add this behavior back via option?

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got -totally- chewed out by the working group over the changes here, the feeling is that last month, this was smooth & simple, and this month it is unfriendly.

Unfortunately, it is the feeling of the group that grandmother-level-friendly is a requirement.

So, instead of complaining about it, I have built a javascript approximation of how they want it to look and feel, and it's working.  It's full of the dreaded timeouts but if you don't save to server and if you don't enable lazy load, this will work fine.


If this works for you, let me know and I'll post the javascript here.

If this is how you want it to work too, please let them know here on the board with your bumps, votes, and replies.

I agree that the current way of adding images is unnecessarily long-winded and unintuitive ( and also unlike any other type of UI I have come across - it had me confused the first couple of times I tried it - that cannot be a good sign!)

It needs to be a simple one step process: drop the image and it's added to the Designer, or a 'choose file' dialogue box is opened and the chosen file is straight away added to the Designer.

Personally I would then like the upload box to close automatically but perhaps this could be an option by a setting in the UI composer if other people would prefer it to stay open?

I'll 2nd this - This is a real issue that makes it confusing for single image products and also virtually impossible to us on smartphones (due to the hover image preview getting in the way).

Still hoping for more voices to reply to or like this feature request :

request is for 1-step uploading and placement option for products that don't need multiple uploads.

OR - any good community ideas on how to achieve this....

I would be really happy to run with this and look into it, anyone have a good idea where to find the hooks?

" Is there a hook by which I can do this in javascript or in jQuery?

We need some way to remove that "extra" step, as this is not a minor issue for simple products."

This is also a serious issue for me also - Would really like to get this resolved??

It is helpful to have multiple items upload, however our product is far simpler and only needs one.  This has resulted in a two-step process that is confusing in context, as if only one picture is needed, the client sits and waits after selecting it.  Although the interface is expecting that second step of "click here" to add the image from the selection bar to the canvas, the user is not expecting this extra step.

This results in an unfortunate bottleneck for simple or one-image products.

Is there some way to detect when only one image has been uploaded and then add it to the canvas?  Is there a hook by which I can do this in javascript or in jQuery?

We need some way to remove that "extra" step, as this is not a minor issue for simple products.

Hi Rafael,

We understand the reason for the change but it creates 2 issues.

1) - It is not clear to customer once they have added image that they have to click again to make it appear on design.

2) - On mobile device after upload - When you press image you see larger view which obstructs selection making it difficult to add to design. 

If you could remove the larger view on hover/press that would at least help. Or (best solution) if you could have option in settings for "single/multiple image" upload.

The new version allows multiple images upload. Instead of adding all images to the canvas, they will be added to the main bar first and then can be selected.

Thumbs up for number 1 - My problem with this is that when on a small screen (e.g ipad) the "hover" shows a view of the full image which gets in the way of being able to select the image again.

(Aside from this - Great update!)

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