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"Error" popup when trying to upload image


Everything used to work perfectly on my site, but now when I try to upload an image, I get a popup that simply says "error" on it. I have attached a screenshot.

You can view the problem on this page:


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am unable to make sales until this is fixed.

I can provide my purchase code if needed.



(68.7 KB)

Best Answer

This is a server issue that needs to be solved with your host. 


This is a server issue that needs to be solved with your host. 


Did Your problem resolved??

If Yes then can you please share the solution?

It depends on the server you are using. There is no general "fix" for that. 

Everything used to work good on my website, but since few months, my clients report the same problem "error" when uploading an image.

The thing I have noticed is that it works perfectly when I am logged in as an Admin and try to upload a picture on my custom product.

Effectively, there is a 403 forbidden error when you are just a customer trying to upload a picture. (Tested on Safari / Chrome)

You can try it out : https://wazashirt.com/product/pocket-custom/ 

I think it definitely comes from the plugin and not the hosting service.. there is a problem whit authorization.. 

Thanks for your feedbacks,
Best regards.

Hi, I just fixed a problem like you.

When logged in as an Admin, you can easily upload image on your custom product.
However, any user logged in or not as customer can not upload images (error message occured).

You probably have a security plugin on your website and this plugin blocks the custom-image-handler.php.
So you can create a Whitelisted URLs on your plugin configuration (security plugin, for me it was Wordfence) to authorize users uploading pictures on your website.

Hope this comment will help you,


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