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Google Drive / Cloud hosting

It would be good if we could store our clipart or designs on google drive or other cloud source and link them to the fancy designs categories in fpd similar to how it is currently done with pixabay. 

Not sure if this is feasible but it would help save on hosting costs.

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You can use other plugins to connect your WP media library with Google Drive or Dropbox, see this tutorial: https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-connect-google-drive-to-your-wordpress-media-library/

But it's not possible to include an image from a remote URL like google drive, the images in the designer needs always be stored under the same domain as your website is running, because of the Cross-Origin security.

CORS Problem

Image embedding in a HTML5 canvas from a foreign domain is forbidden as long as you have access to the CORS settings of the foreign server and of course it would be a huge security hole if you get access to these settings on Google servers. 


Shame but makes perfect sense.

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