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WCFM Vendor

FPD works in harmony with Dokan

But the WCFM Vendor structure is Better.

There is an incompatibility with WCFM trying to load product designer in the backend.

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constantly having to load


Same problem.

i am using Dokan, tell me what you need i will help

Hey! I am using WCFM - WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace. I have an infinite load of fpd as in your screenshot. The latest version of fpd doesn't seem to be compatible with wcfm. Have you solved your FPD problem? Perhaps you know which version of fpd is fully compatible with wcfm?

WCFM will not be supported.

if the mountain won't come to mohammed then mohammed must go to the mountain.


Have you contacted wcfm support? They haven't answered my question yet. Maybe they told you something about fpd?

There are Dokan settings in FPD.

This means: Precautions were taken to prevent scenarios from being produced in another market place.

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