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price on width and height of image upload

Is it possible to display price on the basis of width and height of image uploaded and logo used . As we increase the size of the logo and image price should be increased and option to turn on/off this feature for each product.

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Now is it possible to set the price based on length and height? is it possible to establish that 1 square meter is equivalent to a precise figure?


thank you

Hello. Is it possible create dynamic pricing rule? Something like this

Total_Price = Base_Price +  (Width * Height * Value_Defined_By_User)

This is now possible through a new add-on.

WooCommerce/WordPress version: https://goo.gl/if7y5D

jQuery Version: https://goo.gl/k9emmr

Yes, it will cost between $15 and $19.

do we need to buy the plugin? how mich will it be?


This feature will be available in a new add-on called Pricing. It allows you to define own pricing rules on various element properties. The official demo is already online.


The add-on will be available in the next few days on codecanyon.

Waiting for this feature to use fancy product designer



Any news on this?
thank you!


i am really looking forward to this. Any ideas when it could be available? Just good to know if we proceed with new products or wait ....


We assume that 1cm x 1cm = 118px x 118px. It's good print quality.

Does anyone has an example for the calculation? For example 1000x2000 => $10, 2000x2000=>$15?

that would be great! please! Any news on that?


Is it done?

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